Iceland in 15 pictures

Just spent the holidays in Iceland. After spending about 3 months in Africa in the last year, I kind of got an urge to visit some place completely different before the year ended, Iceland happened to be on my destination-list for a long time. So Iceland it was!

Visiting Iceland in December means a limited amount of daylight; roughly from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. But, there was lots of snow, implying no chance of seeing any northern lights, if there even was any recent sun-activity.

Here is my visit to Southern Iceland in 10 pictures:

1. It’s Christmas

Candles are lit at the graveyards by family of the deceased.cvz6d_20161224-008-web

2. Þingvellir

The rift valley of Icelandcvz6d_20161224-083-web

3&4. Geysircvz6d_20161224-152-web


5. Gullfoss waterfall

One of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland.cvz6d_20161224-195-web

6. Skogafoss in wintercvz6d_20161226-041-web

7. Glacier walkcvz6d_20161226-169-web

8. Glacier walk

View from the glacier during the walk.cvz6d_20161226-179-web

9. Vik

The black beach with some rough weather that stormy afternoon, just before sunset.cvz6d_20161226-227-web

10. Jökulsárlón glacier lagooncvz6d_20161227-063-web

11. Run!

Reindeer doing what they do best. Panning shot, it was almost dark.cvz60d_20161227-112-web

12. Svínafellsjökull

The glacier lagoon at sunrise.cvz6d_20161228-039-web

13. Svartifoss

A hike to the black waterfall.cvz60d_20161228-156-web

14. Stormy weather

Waterfalls just blew away 🙂cvz6d_20161229-012-web

15. Seljalandsfosscvz6d_20161229-025-web

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