Capturing European Big 5 – part 1: Wolves and the adventurous house dog

It was in the middle of the night when I woke up of howling wolves, singing in harmony with the house dog. I’m in Belarus, Krasny Bor, on the edge of the real wildernis; 15K kilometers forest way up to Siberia.

Apparently I picked the room closest to the wolf enclosures, a room with a cool view on a 10 year old big wolf right under your window, but rough nights… as I like to sleep with my window open in cold areas. But this night the wolves where extremely loud. 

The next day it became a bit more more clear, what the nightly hustle was all about… our local guide found fresh wolf tracks right behind the lodge, and the house dog was gone…

I’m on a photography trip in the Northern parts of Belarus, close to the Russian border. The lodge I’m staying is part of a village, with only three houses and only one is inhabited; the lodge itself.

Last year was all about African wildlife. For this year I decided to focus on some European wildlife, trying to capture the European Big 5…. wild. And I already know that chances are I am not going to succeed. After this trip the Wisent or European Bison is checked, bears are planned in three months, but the Eurasian Lynx, that is going to be hard.

So here is European Big 5 No.1. The Wisent or European Bison. Although these animals are huge, they were a bit hard to find, but luckily we found them in the middle of a snow storm.

CVZ60D_20170225-373 WEBCVZ60D_20170225-232 WEB

A photographic impression of some more wildlife in Krasny Bor and a village near Rossony:

We saw quite some Elk and Deer. The wolves are captive bread, pretty good for photography, but I must say that my lions in Zimbabwe were a bit more more well behaved than this bunch…

Oh, by the way: No worries about the dog. Several times hunters in the neighbourhood reported that they found tracks of three wolves and a dog… It came back after a few days, exhausted. It must have had quite an adventure with a pack of three wild wolves.

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